Vets applied Vetigel, a gel that stops bleeding in seconds, to save Benji's Life
small dog wearing cone and bandages stands on gray floor
Credit: Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group

Benji the Morkie had escaped his New York City home recently when he arrived at Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group (VERG) in Brooklyn. He was in dire shape after being stabbed. 

In a news release issued last week, VERG surgery chief Matthew Morgan said Benji had escaped from his home and sustained a "large stab wound"—a devastating injury for a breed so small.

But Benji is still alive today, thanks to the quick work of the VERG team and an extremely useful drug called Vetigel.

Vetigel is a, well, gel that stops bleeding in a matter of seconds when it's applied to a wound. Because it's a plant-based medication, the gel, which almost looks like applesauce, is safe for an animal's body to absorb. Vets can apply the gel both internally and externally. 

In Benji's case, the gel saved his life. He's now at home recovering, according to the news release from VERG. The circumstances of Benji's stabbing remain unclear.   

Benji's story is also a good reminder to always know where you can find the nearest emergency vet's office. Hopefully, you never need it, but you don't want to be in a situation where you don't know.