The Los Angeles Police Department just got a whole lot fluffier.

We've all heard it before: dogs are a man's best friend. And why shouldn't they be? Not only do they follow us around everywhere and give us loving licks to let us know they care, but our puppy pals are just downright adorable. Well, this crime-fighting pup proved the age-old saying to be true when he managed to steal the hearts of two Los Angeles Police Department officers who found him wandering the streets alone, and his adorable story is giving us yet another reason to love our canine companions.

According to the Hollywood LAPD's Twitter posts from October 5, 2019, Officers Mercado and Tavera were patrolling near Hobart Boulevard in Los Angeles when they came across the tiny, chocolate-colored puppy. Though it's important to use caution when approaching a stray dog on the street, the trained officers knew exactly what to do and immediately sprung into action.

After rescuing the pup—who was renamed 'Hobart' after the street near where he was found—the officers (jokingly) put the newest member of LAPD's K-9 unit through some standard basic training. And luckily for us, they documented it on the LAPD Hollywood Division Twitter account for the world to see.

First up on the schedule? A joy ride in the patrol car, of course! The two officers shared this adorable snap of the miniature pup in the front seat of their car on Twitter with the caption, "Newest member of our K-9 unit... Welcome to LAPD Hobart!"

It looks like Hobart and Officer Mercado became fast friends as they also tweeted a video of the puppy following the officer's every move with the caption, "Hobart won't leave Officer Mercado's side!"

The tweets quickly took off online and soon enough the trending hashtag #HollywoodHobart was filled with fans singing the small pup's praises. We're so happy the LAPD was able to get little Hobart off the streets, especially with the exciting news that Officer Mercado decided to make Hobart an official member of the family!

Despite this small pup's tiny size, we're confident he brings an enormous amount of joy into his forever family's hearts. Just look at those floppy ears! We're so glad these heroes were in the right place at the right time to rescue him from the streets.