It won't hurt our feelings if you just scroll to the video. It's OK!
golden retriever puppy sitting in dog bowl
Credit: Courtesy of soul_desire_goldens / TikTok

We've discovered a much more important super bowl—one that allows an itty bitty golden retriever puppy to sit in it. And this puppy, Turquoise Girl, doesn't want to get out, either.

The TikTok video featuring our little friend was posted back on Dec. 6 by soul_desire_goldens, a Utah-based golden retriever breeder. The puppy, maybe weeks old at this point, fits perfectly in a metal water bowl

Even though the breeder in the video tells her that she's not in a jacuzzi and she needs to get out, Turquoise Girl lets out a sharp "no!" bark." Cats aren't the only ones with the "I fits, I sits" attitude.

In the two months since it's been posted, it's earned more than 27.9 million views. And that wasn't the only time she's taken a seat in her "jacuzzi." Three weeks later, a larger Turquoise Girl was back in a bowl, this one bigger. Again, she was reluctant to depart her circular seat. 

But the end of the second TikTok included even better news: the "sweetest puppy" was heading to her forever home. Hooray!

Let's hope her new family keeps an assortment of bowls around so she always has a place to sit.