Because who likes walking anyway?

We've all had those days where we just don't want to get out of bed. But a viral cat on TikTok takes the Mondays one step further with his bizarre method for descending stairs. 

The video shows Ricky, an orange-and-white tabby cat, standing on a staircase. He then head-butts into the side of a step and lays down, similar to how your own cat likely tries to get pets from you. But here's where it gets weird: Ricky then traverses down the staircase headfirst while on his side, extending his body to push him down to the next step. He looks like Jell-O as he floats down the stairs while an ethereal piano plays.

cat going down the stairs bizzarely
Credit: Courtesy of rlynneg / TikTok

The comments are flooded with admirers under Ricky's spell, saying "Cats are just self-contained liquid" and "Why does this look like it feels amazing??" But the best comment hands-down was also a simple one: "he just… rickrolled." (You wouldn't get this from any other guy, you know.)

So far, Ricky's rolling has over 1 million likes and 3.5 million views and counting. It's the only video posted publicly on what we assume is his human's account, but maybe we'll be treated to more Ricky content in the future after this video's success. We all knew cats could be lazy, but Ricky's rolls take the cake.