What’s better than a golden with her eyes on the Olympic gold?

Us humans aren't the only ones glued to our TV screens this Olympics season. While your favorite event to watch might be swimming or gymnastics, golden retriever Willow can't get enough of dressage—a refined form of horseback riding with movements like trots or canters.

In a viral TikTok posted last week, the "Olympic doggo" could not be standing closer to her family's television set. As a pristine horse gallops along, Willow is so engaged that her snout nearly touches the screen. She even lifts her paw almost like a wave hello or an imitation of the athletic animals.

Willow is not alone in her admiration. At over 600,000 views and counting, the video's comments are flooded with animal lovers professing that their pets do the same thing. According to the users, their cats and dogs across breeds love watching TV as much as we do (bonus points when there's an animal on screen).

There's a reason some pets find this domestic practice so captivating. It turns out that dogs with separation anxiety may be especially receptive to watching television, according to Jeff Werber, DVM, and founder of Century Veterinary Group in Los Angeles (and yes, they can see the pictures). The trick is to use it as a safety cue, essentially distracting your pet from the fact you're not with them at the moment. Still, not all pets will find your favorite show interesting, and those who do aren't all watching because they're anxious.

From what we can tell, Willow is having the time of her little life gazing at those gorgeous horses. I mean, what's better than a golden with her eyes on the Olympic gold?