We could all learn a thing or two from our dogs.

We all know a healthy relationship includes an equal amount of give and take, and the same logic applies to pets and their parents—just ask this man and dog on TikTok.

Demonstrating that their bond is not just human-sided, Tyler Madeley and his adorable golden retriever, Maple, took to the app, recently posting a series of videos showing the dog "teaching" her dad how to do dog-like things after a lifetime of it being the other way around.

dog teaches human dog things...how to bark
Credit: Courtesy of tmades9 / TikTok

In a video posted last last month, Madeley, who's sitting in the front seat of a car next to Maple, tells fans that he's learning how to speak his dog's language. He lets out an opening low woof before sweet Maple demonstrates the correct way to do it. (Namely, he needed to add a low growl.) The video ends with Madeley thanking his precious pupper for the training—even sharing a sweet hand-to-paw shake that likely made the 17 million people who watched the video go, "Awww."

But that's not all Maple taught her dad. The day before, Madeley learned how to keep watch over the neighborhood through the window, a very important dog task. Maple's lessons: Bark at bunnies, not people; mash your nose right into the glass (true dog form); and there are no breaks (being a dog isn't for the faint of heart!).

The whole scene is endearing and clearly popular with the 1.6 million animal lovers who watched it. Doggone it, people can't get enough!

My personal favorite, though, is Madeley learning a tough lesson that most of us know all too well: We're meant to share our comfy, cozy human beds. Some 6.3 million people have watched Madeley try to enlighten his golden on how "nice" her doggy bed looks on the floor. But Maple ain't no fool. It's easy to predict how this one ends: Madeley falls victim to co-sleeping with his persistent and precious fur baby—except not where you'd imagine.

It's clear these two are besties, and we're so happy to see their sweet interspecies interactions. It helps us remember how our pets are constantly learning about the human world, so why not take a few minutes to learn about theirs?