Watch out doggos, there's a new cat in town in the running for the title, "Man's Best Friend."

Bus duty is important work for elder family members, whether they stand on two legs or four, and this loyal TikTok cat takes his supervisory role very seriously. Meet Craig, a middle-aged tuxedo rescue cat who lovingly escorts his human sibling to the bus stop and back home every single school day.

In the video posted on Craig's TikTok account Sept. 17, the cat walks with owner Jessica Leatherman's 7-year-old daughter down the sidewalk to the bus stop. Then, in several shots taken over multiple mornings, he patiently waits with her until the school bus arrives. The "local legend" does this each day after he decided on his own that it's his job, the caption reads. The video has been viewed over 6.8 million times.

craig the cat has bus duty
Credit: Courtesy of craig_the_cat / TikTok

The most adorbs part of the video is at the end. Craig sits patiently in the grass watching the bus drive away—that's his cue to head home until he is needed for afternoon duty. The whole scene is absolutely heartwarming, especially with "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story playing in the background. Craig is living his best life. "He is very spoiled and very healthy. And if you are thinking about adopting an adult cat, do it!" Leatherman says.

Leatherman's family adopted Craig a couple of years ago. It all began at a pet store. Leatherman and her daughters were shopping for dog food and happened to walk past a "cat in a cage."

"He just was not moving. He was very depressed," Leatherman says in a TikTok about Craig's adoption. She later found out that no one had submitted an adoption application for him in over eight months. That's when she decided to adopt that cute black-and-white cat in a cage. She went home and, with some persistency, was able to convince her husband that this special kitty needed rescuing. But little did they know that Craig would take his brotherly role so sincerely!

There's no doubt that this adoption story was meant to be. And it's obvious Craig is paying it forward in guardian angel form, day in day out. We can't wait to see the other good deeds are in store for this sweet cat!