This TikTok of a Black Lab Puppy Using Their Huge Paws to Drum Is Exactly What We Need Today

This big-pawed pup is going to be an even bigger rock star someday, mark our words.

Puppies may be precious, but they can also be stone-cold rock stars. OK, there's a little less head-banging, but a new viral TikTok shows pups can keep a good rhythm.

The video posted by Imperial Point Animal Hospital of Delray shows the sweetest black Labrador retriever pup you've ever seen perched over an upside-down dog bowl. As an eccentric drumming sound plays, a veterinarian staffer takes the puppy's absolutely enormous paws and makes them pat along to the beat.

In our professional opinion, the best part of this video is when the pup's big pink tongue peeks out of their snout. It's game over. We could just about die happy right then and there.

Since posting on Aug. 13, the TikTok now has more than 28.2 million views and 5.3 million likes. It has all the makings of a great viral video: an adorable puppy, a catchy beat, and a replicable trend. But if you record your own version, make sure to be gentle with your pup's paws.

Many other users have made similar TikToks with their own dogs. The trend started back in March with dachshund pup Benji banging it out on the bottom of a kitchen pan.

Over 135,400 videos on the app have used Benji's original sound to make new spins on the trend. One family went the extra mile by employing five golden retriever puppies to drum on a table in unison. Talk about a cuteness overload.

We're patiently waiting for all these dogs to form their very own band, but until then, giggling at these TikToks will do just fine.

A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the Imperial Point Animal Hospital of Delray as the Imperial Point Pet Hospital.

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