Mary Peters has taught her Aussie, Secret, to do just about anything. This time, it's painting a masterpiece.

This Australian shepherd can seemingly do anything! She can sing, she can dance, she can do laundry … heck, she can even do yoga: cobra lift, side twist, child's pose, and single-leg downward dog. If you didn't meet her the first time, now's your chance. Reintroducing Secret: the super-talented Aussie who's rolling up her yoga mat for something a bit messier—and dare I say more impressive?

In this adorable TikTok video, posted by Secret's owner, Mary Peters, on July 18, Secret is seen holding a paint brush in her mouth approaching a blank, white canvas. In the jaw-dropping footage, the clever canine successfully covers the entire canvas with blue paint—using her mouth to make each stroke.

And, if that's not impressive enough, the gifted Aussie then takes a different paint brush—this time loaded with green paint—and draws a long stem. Next, she adds yellow for the petals. Secret then places a red dot in the middle of the yellow painted petal area, followed by two green strokes representing leaves flanking the stem. Im-paw-ssible! You truly have to see it to believe it.

The adorable footage captioned, "Secret's first flower!" has earned 85 million views and over 300,000 comments like, "Am I trippin or did I just watch a dog paint a flower?" and "When you realize that Picasso is a dog." We can only wonder how long it took Peters to train Secret to paint such a masterpiece.

This wasn't the first time Secret has wowed millions of fans. The journey began back in 2015 when Peters asked Instagram followers for puppy training tips. (Peters was just a teenager from Washington at the time.) Unaware of the superstar status ahead, Peters continued to post pictures of her adorable Aussie puppy, sharing their adventures.

The dynamic duo is always learning something new. The most recent TikTok post shows Peters gardening with Secret. Viewers can watch the smart Aussie digging, planting, and patting the dirt with her adorable little paws. At the end of the video, Peters gives her best friend a doggy high five.

It's clear that Peters and Secret's bond will continue to grow. In fact, Secret was trained as a service dog and accompanied Peters, who's been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, to her college classes last year.

Speaking for dog lovers everywhere, we're blown away by this adorable pair and can't wait to see what's next!