Taco is known around town for his Doodle 'do... as in hairdo, obviously!

Ashlee and Tom found the perfect furry family member in their goldendoodle, Taco. Taco has a ton of energy and loves doing zoomies in any open space, no matter the weather (but especially in the snow). It's obvious why Ashlee and Tom are so grateful to have an open dog park nearby... it's Taco's favorite spot to socialize and run around with other neighborhood pups (and show off that gorgeous mane of hair, of course).

Taco's known for his thick, fluffy coat of fur, which is absolutely gorgeous after a day at the groomer with a new bandana! But Taco is equally adorable and happy when he's running around the beach and jumping into the ocean for a good swim—this water dog's fur can sometimes take more than a day to dry! A little grooming would never hold Taco back, though. Ashlee and Tom love keeping him active, no matter what the grooming situation may be!

When Taco's not breezing through 8-mile hikes or accompanying Ashlee and Tom to the grocery store, you might find him at home watching Dancing with the Stars—his favorite TV program!