Who knew laying on the hard, hot pavement could look so nice?
sunbathing pitties
Credit: Courtesy of jennywalker / TikTok

After spending the hours of my work day emailing, editing, and posting, nothing looks more relaxing than what Olive and Mayo are doing in their viral TikTok from earlier this month. 

The video, posted by their mom (jennywalker_) on June 18, shows the two pit bulls doing what they must love most: sunbathing. They're both unmoving on their backs, T-rexing their front legs and exposing their bellies to the sky as they snooze. All they're missing are some beach chairs and dog bowls with fun miniature umbrellas in them. 

It's somehow the peak of relaxation, even on the hard pavement of an outdoor patio. The soothing 10 seconds has been viewed more than 7 million times on TikTok so far. 

Walker's account has since become primarily focused on the two sun dogs with several other videos showing them catching some rays. Apparently, Mayo will even get a little annoyed when Olive, her daughter, gets a little too antsy during tanning time. Guess it's not all relaxing. 

If your dog is like Olive and Mayo—who wouldn't want to be that relaxed?—just make sure they're sunbathing safely. You can find some canine sunscreen at a local pet store or online. You don't want them risking a sunburn (or worse)!