Rubi Rose was stolen out of her yard in Sacramento last week, but detectives were thankfully able to find her.
hands holding black dog's face
Credit: sonyachny / Adobe Stock

Dog-nappings are bad, but we all know what's really, really good: the resulting reunion videos between owners and pups. 

Such an instance occurred in Sacramento, Calif., last week. Someone stole Rubi Rose from a yard on the city's south side, according to the Sacramento Police Department on Facebook. Thankfully, a pair of detectives quickly located the suspect's car and found Rubi Rose inside. (The suspect was arrested.)  

Three days after she was taken, Rubi Rose reunited with her mom, and it's enough to make you shed a tear or two:

Folks, that tail is a-waggin'. Rubi Rose's mom seems equally as happy, cooing "Oh my goodness. Hello, princess." Then some big hugs and more than a few kisses!

Hopefully that provided a welcome mid-week cleanse to an otherwise mundane social media feed. Cheers!