Wait until you meet this fun-loving cat who turned her owner into an active hiker!

It's not everyday that you meet an adventurous and outdoorsy cat who loves to get out and enjoy nature on a leash. Meet Spikie: a black kitty from Quebec City, Canada and her video technician/hiker cat-parent, Chloee Lachapelle. This duo is anything but ordinary, and has traveled, hiked, camped, and even started kayaking since they became a pair.

Lachapelle tells Daily Paws she realized Spikie was a very special—and adventurous!—cat the first day she brought her home. Unlike her other kitties who would hide under the bed during their first few days acclimating to their new home, she says Spikie almost instantly showed off her energy and enthusiasm. "I could play with her for hours and she is still asking for more play," Lachapelle says.

a leashed black cat on a hike
Credit: Courtesy of Chloee Lachapelle

Once she'd realized Spikie would need some extra exciting outlets for all that kitty energy, Lachapelle says she had to find other ways to exercise her new feline friend outside of the usual cat toys. That's when she decided to get a cat harness and take her new feline friend for a walk... and the rest was history.

"The moment I took her out she was looking around everywhere and trying to investigate," Lachapelle says. And it's clear that Spikie quickly embraced her newfound freedom. The duo has been on countless adventures ever since—from climbing up trees in the summer months to winter hikes with Spikie tucked snuggly in Lachapelle's pack. She says that at first the two travel buddies would walk outdoors once a month. But starting last year, they increased their "walks in the forest" to every day.

Their discoveries did not stop with treks through the trees. Spikie even pushed her cat-mom to try water sports. Lachapelle says the first time she ever went kayaking was with Spikie. The two rented a boat and Lachapelle says that as soon as she started paddling, brave little Spikie headed straight to the front of the bow to perch at the tip of the boat. A true feline trailblazer!

On top of adventuring, Lachapelle says her courageous kitty has also taught her about how to communicate with another species. She says there's a lot that Spikie understands through nonverbal communication. "It's interesting to see how much we can collaborate together and have that two-way communication going on with body language and me giving her cues," Lachapelle says.

We're so happy that these two newly-minted nature lovers found each other. Lachapelle and Spikie serve as motivation to lace-up, leash-up (yes, felines wear leashes too!) and explore this beautiful Mother Earth. Plus, exercising with your four-legged friend is a great way to strengthen the connection between pet and parent and make you more physically fit.

"We are a great team together," Lachapelle says. "I am having a lot more fun going outside since I got her. And I think she's having the best life she could have gotten." Bravo to this brave duo for having such an adventurous spirit!