Imagine the zoomie potential.
kobes first steps on TikTok
Credit: Courtesy of boscoandkoby / TikTok

This little kitty just earned his "big boy" wheels. Meet Koby, a special needs cat in Nova Scotia living with cerebellar hypoplasia. Thanks to the help of his over 241,000 TikTok followers donating through a GoFundMe campaign, Koby now has a wheelchair to help him move easier.

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition that affects the brain's ability to produce coordinated movements. It's also appropriately nicknamed "wobbly cat syndrome," which perfectly describes how Koby would walk before the wheelchair. His loving owner, Kirstin Gogan, who also runs his TikTok page, would often hold his abdomen so he wouldn't fall over while trying to get around. She also wrote on the GoFundMe that Koby loves to try to chase his brother, Bosco, and play with his favorite toys, but he would be left spinning in a circle and unable to keep up.

In a viral TikTok with over 11 million views posted last week, Gogan and her husband are shown guiding Koby into his brand new wheelchair. They gently place his paws through the holsters so he can stand up with support from the device. Koby has a wide-eyed expression as he slowly traverses their hardwood floors. Meanwhile, a touching audio track encourages the kitty, saying "Wow, I'm so proud of you. You're doing amazing!"

Gogan had originally set Koby's GoFundMe goal at $400, but people found his story so touching that they've raised over $1,300 since it opened in early July. The wheelchair now helps Koby get his therapeutic exercise and do all the things he loves to do—while staying upright.  

"He lives a well-loved, pain-free, adventurous and wobbly life," Gogan said on the GoFundMe page. Now with his new wheelchair, we hope he's doing all of that without too much wobble.