This little toddler shows us that dog training doesn't have to be difficult.
small girl trains her dog to stay
Credit: Courtesy of azariaa / TikTok

Dog trainers come in all different shapes and sizes—and this one might be the teeniest. TikTok user azariaa posted this adorable Aug. 2 video of her daughter, Katana, and their family dog, Ollie.

In the video—which has already amassed over 1.2 million views—kiddo Katana gives the sweet mutt the cue to sit down. After saying, "Sit, sit," in the cutest toddler voice ever, Ollie obeys his miniature human and sits down on his doggy backside—still almost as tall as Katana.

Katana then toddles over (diaper and all) to Ollie and places a small figurine on top of his head. The good boy remains still, almost statue-like, while Katana takes a step back, watching to see what he does next.

You'd think the sweet pup would look over to Katana, but Ollie stares straight ahead, laser-focused. Must obey my tiny human!

Who doesn't love Ollie's intense concentration and Katana's impressive training skills? (A nice fan even asks how much she charges.) Someone was apparently too cynical, forcing Azaria to explain how Ollie's good behavior is, in fact, authentic!

And our hats are off to you, Katana! You remind us that obedience training doesn't have to be difficult. Experts say teaching your dog to sit is easy peasy if you have the right reinforcements (like some kind of food or treats).

So, what are you waiting for? Break out the biscuits and get to work!