This adorable duo has their humans wondering who really saved who: human, or pet?

When Julia and her fiancé Scott initially agreed to foster Shae, an 18- or 19-year old Belgian shepherd, and Damian, a 4- or 5- year old Russian blue cat, they were pleasantly surprised to see the unlikely pair's adorable mother-son relationship come to life when the duo joined their household.

Damian and Shae are inseparable, and Julia knew it would be difficult to find a permanent home for the pair together, so she and Scott decided to adopt the two for good! Having spent several months in foster care herself as a child, Julia reflects on her own bond with her first dog when it comes to creating a home for Shae, Damian, and her dog and cat!

So while the humans technically adopted Shae and Damian, Julia and Scott definitely feel as though they were also gratefully adopted by Shae and Damian, too. "We found each other. We kind of rescued each other," Julia tells Daily Paws. We couldn't agree more!