It's a surprising amount of stealth for such a big dog.
dog sneaks into bed tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of marshmallowsmama / TikTok

The human bed is the holy grail for many dogs. A giant cushion with the parents—what could be better?

This 1-year-old Saint Bernard seems to agree, and he has his mom as a willing accomplice to help him ascend into the big bed. We all get to watch the caper unfold via marshmallowsmama on TikTok.

In the video posted last weekend, the big dog's mom motions for him to be as quiet as possible as he climbs into the bed. As the music from The Pink Panther plays in the background, the Saint Bernard clambers up. But then he endangers the mission by sniffing over to his sleeping dad.

Thankfully, dads can famously sleep through anything. The big pup abandons that and collapses down on his mom's legs. Whoops. She somehow manages to not yelp, though the caption says her soul left her body in that moment.

But after that, the dog is able to settle in as the little spoon. He's in the big bed, pops is none the wiser, and the video has earned 10.2 million views. Well done, everybody.