Watch This Cute Rottweiler Leap Into a Pool and Have the Time of His Life

If there's a dog who can figure out how to do a cannonball, it's this one.

Rottweiler splashes in swimming pool tiktok
Photo: Courtesy of megatronliv / TikTok

I am going to leap into the weekend the same way this Rottweiler soared into a swimming pool: with uncontainable joy and maybe a bit of splashing.

We find this Rottie on megatronliv's TikTok from earlier this week. The pup has a hopeful face sitting next to Meg, who tells him that he's going to get her in trouble if she lets him into the pool. But she can't help it.

"Don't tell your mommy," she tells him.

A half-beat after she asks if he wants to go swimming, the pup takes three steps and enthusiastically launches himself into the pool. But that's hardly the main event.

Soon, the water-obsessed pup has situated himself in the corner of the pool and starts splashing up a storm with his two front legs. He's gotta be having the time of his life out there.

The display of ultimate happiness has so far earned more than 19.7 million views so far. Just nobody tell his mom about it.

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