Rocky cheers on other fitness enthusiasts with a sweaty kiss and a good “woof!”

Pet parents Alex and Dean adopted Rocky, a 2-year-old Aussiedoodle, as a puppy and immediately made the pup a part of their fitness routine. They quickly discovered that Rocky made the perfect hype-dog for all of their fitness clients at their gym in Queens, N.Y.

Woman holds large fluffy dog in arms
Credit: Courtesy of Alexandra Redelico

Like his parents, Rocky has a ton of energy and loves connecting with people. He's a high-energy dog and needs plenty of exercise, which helps Alex and Dean keep up with their cardio on long walks. Whether he's lounging at the gym, supporting people at the gym with a good "woof," or giving everyone a quick kiss in the middle of a fitness class, he's the perfect exercise buddy for his owners and friends alike. And when he's done cheering everyone on during a tough workout, he enjoys getting pets from all of the participants—sounds like a win-win to us!