We know dogs are loyal—but this is another level of canine companionship.

We all love our dogs and they probably love us, thank goodness. But would your pup wait intently outside for an entire workday for you to return home? That's what West Virginia rescue dog Sadie does.

She'll lay, stand, or sit in their driveway for hours and hours, waiting to see her dad Tim's black Ford F-250 arrive. Her mom, Sara Fitzwater of Summersville, W.V., posted a video compilation of Sadie's driveway vigil on TikTok last week. So far, the clips of Sadie staring out onto the road—with the accompanying message "My husband rescued this dog and now she waits for him everyday to come home"—have been viewed more than 7.8 million times.

dog waiting for owner
Credit: Courtesy of alexcooperfrankford / TikTok

"I've never had [a dog] be that dedicated," Sara Fitzwater tells Daily Paws. 

Sadie has a good reason. Earlier this year, Tim had started seeing her smiley face at a mining site he visits for his job. She's been left there but was always happy to see him, and Tim would send photos of her back to the family. You can see where this is going.

"Finally, we just gave in, and he brought her home," Sara says. 

Sadie—who Sara thinks is a pit bull and Labrador mix with maybe some hunting dog thrown in—joined the family's two other dogs, 13-year-old rescue Samson and mini dachshund Alex, in April. That's pretty much when she started waiting for Tim to come home each work day, says Sara, who works from home and gets to see it happen each day.

She's an outside dog, and the now-viral TikTok shows her waiting over the course of several days. If it's raining, Sara says Sadie will retreat to the garage or porch for cover—but still with both eyes trained on the road out front. It's a ton of waiting, too. Tim is usually gone between eight and 10 hours—a ton of time to worry that your best friend might not ever come back.

But he does come back! As you can see in Sara's follow-up video, Tim's return entails excited, happy zoomies.

"She's really happy when he gets there," Sara says.

She'd posted the TikTok because she (rightly) thought it was cute, not knowing that it would record millions and millions of views. But who doesn't love seeing the ultimate bond between a man and his dog?

"She hit the jackpot, I guess, when she smiled at him," Sara says.