When you have a chance to try some chicken prepared by a celebrity chef, you gotta take it.
dog on morning show who runs and steals chicken
Credit: Phoommontree Panya / EyeEm / Getty

It was a simple plan, really. Pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther was going to appear on ITV's This Morning to chat about her new book. It was foiled, however, by her rescue dog Misty and some delicious chicken. 

Hosts Vernon Kay and Josie Gibson had welcomed Lee-Crowther to the British morning show and were beginning to ask her about her ability to communicate with animals when Misty wandered off screen. 

About two minutes after their introduction, Gibson asks if Lee-Crowther can tell them what Misty is thinking. As her co-host noted quickly, that question didn't need a psychic. Misty had gone for some chicken. 

And not just any chicken. Celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott had cooked the dish, and it was somehow reachable for the tiny Misty over in the kitchen studio. 

"Misty's [gone] into Ainsley's chicken!" Kay said on-air. "That's what Misty's thinking." 

As Gibson and the production team laugh, three producers or assistants hurriedly try to remove the chicken from Misty's orbit, all while chuckling to themselves. (For some reason, the chicken seemed to be at floor level?) 

"She's very greedy," Lee-Crowther said. "She's a rescue dog. She's been starved in the past." 

Eventually, the production staff gets all the food away from her, but she doesn't yet return to her owner. Instead, she opts to get more love and pets from the crew. 

Way to go, Misty. Way to get yours.