Without a doubt, doggo snow angels are the very *best* kind of snow angels.


Talk about having snow much fun. 

When a few inches of snow fell in Wichita, Kan., Kelli Motes took her 9-year-old rescue dog Dash and 6-year-old daughter Avery outside to play in the snow, according to a video posted to YouTube. Enjoying the winter weather served as the perfect break from an exhausting day of remote learning. As the two played, Kelli caught this adorable moment on camera.

Not one for spectating, rescue dog Dash frolicked in the Kansas snow alongside his human sibling—even making his own dog-shaped snow angels.

In the video, Dash watches Avery make snow angels before jumping in on the fun. The happy pooch lies down beside (and almost on top of) his human BFF, rolling alongside her in the snow to create his own “dog angels.” Both of the lucky pup's humans laugh as Dash makes his mark in the snow via several more doggy snow angels throughout the yard.

If watching Dash enjoying himself in the snow inspires you to take your pup for a winter walk, remember that it's up to you to help him stay warm on your outdoor adventure. If the ground is exceptionally cold (or covered in ice melt that could hurt your pup's paws) consider dog booties to protect his feet. A sweater or jacket might be needed to help keep breeds with shorter hair warm. And if your pup starts to show signs that he's too cold (like shivering or a hunched posture), that means it's time to go inside and warm up.