Biscuit loves having run of the house. (Emphasis on run.)
puppy at home alone creating adorable chaos
Credit: Brad Covington

Meet Biscuit—no, not that one who plays with a hockey team. This one, the toy poodle puppy who sure knows how to keep herself busy when her human heads off to the gym. And thankfully, her owner decided to position cameras all around her home to show us the adorable chaos that ensues. 

The delightful footage appears on Biscuit's TikTok account in a one-minute-38-second video posted over the weekend. Her owner was off to work out and wanted to see what her 6-inch-tall poodle gets up to when she has the house to herself. 

Well, quite a lot as it happens: 

So fun. Mostly, Biscuit just likes to run around the house with a frantic case of the zoomies. She's going so hard that she at one point she loses her back legs on the slick floor, necessitating a slow-motion replay. Other activities include: chewing on a sneaker, playing with a toy, and belly-crawling under some shelves. 

Oh, and she eventually found one of the (very expensive-looking) cameras, chewing on it a little and pulling on its strap. It's some more hopefully harmless fun that was also caught on camera: 

In the comments of the first TikTok, which has been viewed more than 5.3 million times, Biscuit's owner assures viewers her poodle just has a ton of energy. If she ever gets tired from all that running around or her two walks per day, she has a crate for sleeping. 

Speaking of sleeping, I got tired just watching that video.