Quincy the cat is not only a viral sensation but a soon-to-be table tennis pro!

Watch out table tennis enthusiasts, your new competition's in town. And guess what, it comes in the four-legged form. Meet Quincy, the extremely skilled ping-pong-playing cat!

A video featuring the impressive cat was shared this week by Rumble. According to the site, "Quincy found a new hobby last night, and by the looks of it, we have a champion in the making! Hilarious!"

In the video, Quincy is seen using his paw as a paddle, rallying back-and-forth with his human opponent. The most impressive part: the majority of Quincy's shots land on the opposite side of the table. 

Though, according to the International Table Tennis Federation, Quincy's human companion would score the point because "the opponent's free hand touched the playing surface." And, in this case, the opponent's hand is not actually a hand, but a very sprightly paw. Surely Quincy's paw meets ITTF racquet regulation requirements, right?

It's no question that Quincy the cat has become a ping-pong viral sensation. 

Many of the posted comments under the video favor the feline. One follower said, "Imagine telling your buddies you lost to a cat!" Another person posted, "Quincy becomes famous for introducing the two-hand smash to table tennis."

Complimenting Quincy's ping-pong knowledge, this follower wrote, "I love the way she or he stays on their side of the table and never crosses over. The cat understands the rules of the game. Loved this!"