It's the first week of March, so you know what that means! More staring at our phones to watch cute animals on TikTok!
tik tok collage featuring puppy
Credit: Courtesy of brookethefrenchie / rene_casselly / juliamaejohnson / TikTok

Ah, the first week of March, bringing with it hints of the beginning of spring and, holy cow, maybe the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?

With that in mind, we're in the mood to celebrate the best way we know how: Watching videos of cute pets and animals doing cute things. What a treat.

Here are our eight favorite TikToks of the week, featuring a standoff, a criminal, and elephants!

A Freeloader

Paging Shaggy

Repeat Offender

Fly Like an Eagle

Don't Be Sad!

Humans: So Annoying


Shhh I'm on the Phone