The shih tzu-poodle mix made a break for it outside a store, and it took two weeks to find her.
black Shih-poo looking out the window
Credit: Fernando Cruz / Shutterstock

People like to joke that the internet is 80 percent photographs of pets. Well if that's the case, then stories like this just prove we're all doing some truly important work.

St. Patrick's Day was a bad day for Amanda Lambeth of Bangor, Maine. The single mom was out running errands during the day and made a stop at BJ's Wholesale Club, which is when her 11-year-old shih-tzu-poodle mix Peggy Sue hopped out of the car and made a break for it—a fairly admirable feat for a little dog with only three legs! Lambeth spoke to management at BJ's about trying to find Peggy Sue in security footage of the parking lot, and she was told that Peggy Sue had been picked up by someone who presumably thought she was abandoned and may have taken her home.

In addition to posting fliers and scouring the neighborhood, Amanda reached out to Maine Lost Dog Recovery, a group that focuses on using social media to get the word out about missing pets. They posted Peggy Sue's photo to Facebook and Instagram in an effort to get her cute little face out to as many people as possible. Happily, two weeks later, the group's efforts paid off.

Shawn Condon, a resident of Old Town, roughly 12 miles north of Bangor, told WABI news that he was the person who had found Peggy Sue in the BJ's parking lot. Just as BJ's management had surmised, Condon assumed that the three legged pupper was an abandoned stray, so he decided to give her a good home. He took her back to Old Town and cared for her for two weeks, until his dog groomer recognized little Peggy Sue from the Maine Lost Dog Recovery's posts.

"She said that she had seen that dog on Facebook," Condon told the news channel. "So, she brought it up and showed us the picture of her and it was like, 'Yep, that's her.' So, we took the phone number down and we called Amanda and told Amanda that we had her dog."

Happy endings like this just help illustrate the powers of social media when it's used for the right reasons. If you wind up missing a pet, don't forget about reaching out to groups like the Maine Lost Dog Recovery in your area. And if you happen to find a wandering doggo, make sure to reach out to your local shelter and animal control resources and let them know—you never know who might be looking!