He just sat next to his food for 20 minutes after his owner forgot to give him the "go" sign to eat his meal.
Golden Retriever sits near dog bowl in kitchen
Credit: Courtesy of mrreedybug / TikTok

Meet Reedy, the crown prince of patience.

Faced with a full bowl of food, this golden retriever instead sat next to it for 20 minutes while his mom went to go take a shower. Why? She hadn't uttered the "go" cue he needed to eat. 

His owner captured "the best rule follower" in a post on TikTok earlier this week, and so far it's earned more than 115,600 views. Thankfully, her return means he can finally chow down. A worthy reward!

(I'm not sure about you, but I could never wait 20 minutes if the food was right there in front of me. Especially if it was like brownies or something.)

According to his owner's response to the video's comments, Reedy didn't let his own pile of drool entice him into eating. 

"The goodest boy! I felt so bad! But he is the best listener!" his owner wrote. 

We're very happy to hear she apologized with plenty of treats for Reedy. 

She admitted that teaching him to wait to eat until receiving his cue took "a lot of training," but anything is possible with positive reinforcement. Heck, we'll even get you started by teaching you how to train your dog to stay.