Why are our dogs so obsessed with our food? A lot of it isn't even good!
dog that owners trick into taking pill from a tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of thedaisydoodlegirl / TikTok

Being in tune with your dogs' utmost desire—human food—can enable you to craftily trick them into taking their medicine. Just ask Daisy's parents. 

On Daisy's TikTok account last week, her two owners show us how it's done. A guy stands at the cutting board, miming some sans-knife slicing. In his other hand: Daisy's pill. 

Then—with a very convincing "Oh nooo!"—he drops the medicine. Daisy, an older doodle breed, quickly snatches it up. 

"Oh no, Daisy, you got it," the fella says. 

"Aww, Dais!" a female voice from behind the camera says. "Ugh."

Great acting. Dogs seemingly always want the food we have (even when it's, like, a salad) so pretending the pill is something delicious is the perfect way to provoke our dogs' naughtier instincts. 

So far, Daisy's video has earned more than 3.7 million views. And there are others like it, too. Like this golden retriever waiting to eat a "totally normal peanut butter cracker" that's filled with pills. 

Another great idea. If that kind of deception isn't really your style, we have a few other ways you can get your pet their meds.