Leo had previously lived only in apartments, so a backyard was a major—and welcomed—surprise.
Golden excitedly running around his new, grassy backyard
Credit: Courtesy of leothecream / TikTok

A yard is a beautiful thing. Just ask Leo the golden retriever.

The cream-colored pup had spent the first part of his life in apartments, according to a TikTok posted to his account (leothecream) March 9. Behind the text, the video shows Leo descending a small set of steps at his parents' new house. Then he sees it: his yard. 

It was the first time he'd seen it. After his folks let him out, he seems confused at first, but his tail keeps wagging and he soon gets to sniffing around and exploring. The end of the short video even includes some slight zoomies. It just makes you smile.

"He'll get a BIG backyard one day, but having a yard at all has made such a difference for him," his owner wrote in the comments under the video. "He and his puppy brother get lots of zoomies in it!"

The especially wholesome video has earned more than 3.4 million views so far. And yes, Leo's little brother Louie has joined him out there

We're certainly very pro-spoiling pups around here, so these two buddies obviously need these best outside toys. It's definitely fetch time.