Titanic with a cat is the only Titanic remake we're interested in.
Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack, and a black cat looking out a porthole at the rising water
Credit: Courtesy of OwlKitty / YouTube

First off, we've never wanted a Titanic remake. The eight-hour original was plenty. But—but!—OwlKitty the Titanic cat could sway us.

OwlKitty (real name Lizzy) boasts more than 1.72 million subscribers on her YouTube page, where you can find more than 50 videos of her "starring" in hit films like Home Alone, Love Actually, and Dirty Dancing. I quite enjoy her owners editing her into this Jurassic Park scene.

That brings us to the new Titanic trailer featuring OwlKitty (and, obviously, Celine Dion). Just to be thorough, we've ranked the seven best moments in the minute long-teaser. 

7. OwlKitty shakes self dry and leaves Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) to freeze to death in the ocean. Not cool! This time, we know there's enough room on that damn door. 

6. Jack holds OwlKitty out over the front of the ship. Exhilarating to be sure, but be careful!

5. Jack draws OwlKitty like one of his French girls. Not nearly as noteworthy with OwlKitty being naked for the entire trailer. 

4. Jack greets us at the top of the stairs holding OwlKitty. Good opening scene; points deducted for OwlKitty's lack of evening wear. 

3. OwlKitty and Jack enjoy a North Atlantic sunset. Everything seems pretty great before the iceberg gets involved.

2. Jack shows Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) his, uh, elementary drawing of him and OwlKitty. Rose seems a little iffy about it, but I like it! 

1. Jack swings OwlKitty around the dance floor at the lower decks party. Much like Rose, OwlKitty seems to be enjoying the departure from her high-class lifestyle. And she sure makes a funny face while being spun around.