We've got some big stretches and a long, semi-squeaky purr—just for you!
orange tabby kitten waking up purring so adorably
Credit: Courtesy of cheeto_fluff / TikTok

This sleeping kitten found perhaps the cutest way to fall asleep under his human's covers before waking up with an adorable purr. 

All we see at first in Cheeto's March 25 TikTok is the top of an orange head with a leg over it, making it look like someone had put the covers over a cat who just fainted. As the bedsheets retract, we see Cheeto laying on his back with his front legs on either side of his head, tilted over to his right. Prime snoozing position. 

His owner reaches down to give him a good scratch and run, eliciting a—say it with me—big stretch along with an elongated, satisfied purr. Not a bad way to wake up! 

The simple eight-second video is so cute that it's earned 34.7 million views so far. The 12-second version might be even better because it shows the Siberian—who we know prefers the big bed—rubbing his eyes as he gets used to the light.

I'm sure that's how I look each morning when my fiancée wakes me up. I'm definitely like a cute, sleepy kitten and definitely not a groggy neanderthal with bad bread and crusty eyes.