Everything—his personalized backpack, his toys, his walk—is almost too much.
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Introducing Ollie, an especially good boy who packs his own backpack and looks like an absolute delight to travel with. 

We meet this chocolate Lab(?) in a TikTok from his account (good.boy.ollie) on Dec. 13. The video shows one of his owners packing for a trip before the camera pans to him, sitting adorably—but sadly—with his personalized backpack in his mouth, obviously wanting to go on the trip, too. 

Thankfully, his owner heard the internet's collective "Take him with you!" In a TikTok the next day, his human volunteers to help him pack up his backpack, even though she doesn't know where he's planning on going. So what does he need? 

Dog with backpack on and leash looking at camera
Credit: Courtesy of good.boy.ollie / TikTok

First, he leaves the room to retrieve his favorite toy, Perry the platypus, who's the first to enter the backpack. "Anyone else?" his human asks. Yup! Another plush toy, Dexter. His owner adds in some snacks and he's ready to go. 

Outside, leashed, and with his backpack on (so cute), Ollie now has to lead his human to where he's been wanting to go all this time. His owner thinks she knows where he's off to, and sure enough: 

"He's packed his bags to come and live with Nanny Biscuits," she says. 

Nanny Biscuits—fabulous name—seems to be Ollie's owner's grandmother, and she's happy to give Ollie some snacks after his long, successful journey. She tells him, "You can come and live with me anytime you like." Same, Ollie (if you ever find yourself in Iowa).

The video has earned a whopping 11.5 million views so far—but that's not nearly as many as the videos for his surprise Christmas gift. His family made him a swinging stick and I think he quite likes it: 

Tremendous present!