Which is especially amazing since the senior pup is partially blind and deaf.
Muddy dog in a field with tongue out
Credit: Eric Raptosh Photography / Getty

If only Luna had one of those talking-dog devices from Up—then she could tell us how she returned to her family's Oklahoma home almost two days after swift floodwaters carried her away. 

Severe storms arrived early in the morning May 5 in Haskell, and floodwaters forced the front door open at Donald Hendrickson's home around 1 a.m., KOKI reports. Hendrickson, 88, and his daughter Elaine Hendrickson-Parry moved to the front porch with Luna, Hendrickson's brown-and-white dog who has trouble hearing and seeing. 

The door locked behind them and they didn't have a key, the TV station reported. Hendrickson-Parry climbed onto a rock wall to get out of the water and Luna tried to follow, but she was left clinging to a windowsill with her front paws. Then the current arrived. 

"She hit the current that was hitting the wall and swooshing around the house, and she was gone," Hendrickson-Parry told KOKI. 

Her dad joined her on the wall, but neither could go after Luna. Hendrickson-Parry reckoned she'd never see her again. Later in the dog food aisle at Walmart, she burst into tears, she told the TV station. Friends and family posted on social media about 12-year-old Luna going missing, and she searched the 11 acres of land around the house once waters receded. 

There was no sign of Luna—until around 11 p.m. on May 6. It was a faint woof, Hendrickson-Parry told KOKI. She clapped loudly, and Luna appeared at the window.

"I wonder how far down the river she went and how in the world she ever found her way back here," Hendrickson-Parry said. 

We'd love to know, but we're mostly just glad she's back.