This was a terrifyingly close call.
Golden retriever dog stands on frozen water
Credit: Marko Mikuli / EyeEm / Getty

Firefighters and police officers in Avon, Ohio, joined forces earlier this week to save a scared golden retriever after the dog became trapped in an icy pond.

The pup had ventured out onto the frozen water at Veterans Park, and fell through the ice several feet from the shoreline. The dog struggled to get out of the thin ice, which kept breaking further which each attempt.

According to local news reports, the first responder on the scene was a police officer who bravely began to remove his shoes and socks to jump in after the pooch. Luckily, backup made it to the scene before the officer was about to head into the water. Two firefighters quickly suited up in protective water gear and went out onto the ice to rescue the terrified dog.

After being pulled from the freezing water, the golden retriever was taken to the fire engine's cab for warmth and some much needed rest. The pup's pet parents were also at the park the entire time—and we're sure both the dog and the owners were relieved to be heading home together after this harrowing incident.

We're so glad this sweet retriever was rescued and made it home safely. Cold weather can create dangerous conditions for dogs, not just limited to cracking ice and frigid waters! Check out the Daily Paws guide to keeping your pet safe in cold climates to make sure your pooch stays warm and well throughout the colder months of the year. And remember to keep your pup on a leash to help keep them safely within arms' reach—especially around bodies of water that can prove dangerous to dogs in any type of climate.