Ava, a 10-month-old pit bull/husky mix, got a new home earlier this month and we're just as excited as she is!

Here's a little joy as you head closer to the weekend.

Late last month, the staff at the Hoke County Animal Shelter in North Carolina was looking for a forever home for Ava, a 10-month-old pit bull/husky mix. (Don't see that very often!) The sweet girl with some truly adorable ears had been surrendered to the shelter after an issue with the landlord of her former home, the shelter wrote on Facebook.

A day after her profile was posted on Facebook, Ava, who loves kids and other dogs and is just so smiley, already had a new home. And that brings us to this joyous video. 

Wheeeee she's so happy! She stands up with her front legs in the counter as her new owner finishes her paperwork. When a member of the shelter staff reaches out, Ava almost high-fives her hand and then gives it a few kisses as if to say "thanks!" (Was she maybe seeing if the hand had treats in it? Sure, but we can pretend!)

She then gets a couple head rubs from her new mom after moving sideways along the counter, perhaps in an attempt to finish up her adoption paperwork herself. While we can't see it, it's fair to assumer her tail was helicoptering like crazy the whole time.

Hopefully, all this happiness will persuade some of our readers to adopt their new dogs from their nearby shelter. (Even during a pandemic when seemingly everyone and their brother was adopting a pet, shelter adoptions in 2020 were down compared to 2019.) 

Just think: It could be you making your new dog this happy! You gotta do it.