When attached to a megaphone, the system from Youtuber Ryder Calm Down will even yell out compliments to the dogs walking by.

If we could, we'd all stay at our windows each day to look out for dogs walking by. But work, raising children, and necessary activities like eating and bathing all get in the way. Annoying. 

Thankfully, Youtube user Ryder Calm Down has us covered with a system that can be the perfect distraction from the work-from-home blues—especially when, say, you've been moping all day after your mean bosses shot down your objectively hilarious idea for a story about dog poop.

Here's how it works in its most basic terms: Our guy Ryder points a camera out his front window that's connected to a miniature computer. The video from the street goes into the computer's "machine learning model" that can identify objects going by. With some of Ryder's tweaking, the camera-computer tag team is able to detect a dog. 

He then gets the computer to notify him when there's a dog outside. The computer sends the "text to speech" message through a megaphone, which utters a computerized "Attention, there is a dog outside." Creepy? Kinda. But functional? Yes indeed. It soon notified Ryder of a dog and he peered out the window to see one. Nice! 

Naturally, the next thing to do was to point the megaphone outside when he wasn't there to see the dogs. Sure enough, the video treats us to a very confused woman wondering where the mechanical "I like your dog" came from.

So in summary, this system is a great way to notify you of passing dogs and creep out your neighbors. Or you can just sit at your window all day and ignore your work because your bosses don't appreciate your brilliant ideas!