The viral "Nala Stomps" TikToks have become a daily dose of serotonin we can't live without.
Nala, the golden retriever, held by his human, Chris, outdoors on a hill above the city
Credit: Courtesy of Chris Lindamood

There's a new queen of viral dances on TikTok, and her name is Nala!

Nala, a 4-year-old golden retriever, has enthralled the masses with the stomping dances she does with her human, Chris Lindamood. In the viral videos—which have racked up more than 100 million views—Nala dives between her owner's legs and happily stomps her back paws in exchange for scratches, or sometimes just for fun, while Lindamood sings her beloved anthem: "She stomp, she stomp, she do the Nala Stomp!"

Though the duo's dance looks like a well-rehearsed routine, Lindamood says the spunky and "extremely loving" Nala has been stomping unprompted for most of her life.

"She was under [1] year old when she started doing it," Lindamood tells Daily Paws. "She always liked to go under people's legs, and she loves butt scratches. So she'd go through my legs, I'd give her the scratches, and she just started stomping, no training involved!"

The now-viral song that accompanies her stomps came along naturally—and plenty of pet owners can relate, posting stomping TikToks with their own goldens as well as Bernedoodles, pit bulls, and even their human friends.

The duo had been doing this song and dance for so long, Lindamood didn't think anything of uploading a short clip of Nala's stomping within one of his vlogs. He knew he had something special when the TikTok quickly hit 100,000 views and comments began pouring in. He uploaded another video of Nala doing her stomping routine and has now hit 2 million followers.

Nala is often stomping or hiking around somewhere gorgeous in Utah—those mountain views are almost as irresistible as Nala!—making these TikToks the perfect escape for anyone looking for their dog and travel fixes from their couches.

While Lindamood never expected to go viral, he's happy with the impact he's been able to have on the many viewers who have enjoyed the Nala Stomps.

"I'm still in shock that it's turned into what it is," he says. "It just makes me really happy that I can share Nala with everyone—she definitely makes me happy every day. I've had so many good comments from people saying, 'This is the only thing that got me out of bed in the morning' or 'This has literally lifted me out of depression.' I'm very fortunate that my dog is able to bring so much joy to everyone."

If you need us, we'll be getting our own daily serotonin blast from another Nala Stomp!