"Hey Dad, Hey Dad ... Heyyyyyyyyy Daaaaaadddd."

Children aren't the only little beings begging their parents for attention—and that includes fur babies like Moose the adorable miniature Australian shepherd.

Just watch this TikTok video posted on his account last week. In the video, Moose's mom sits in front of the camera while Moose stares a hole in his dad and utters an almost Chewbacca-sounding doggy whine. He even smacks his front paw down in an an effort to get his dad's attention.

Moose's desperation builds—you can almost hear him yelling, "Will you look at me!"—but his dad just sits on the couch completely unfazed by the drama unfolding next to him. The video is captioned: "When you're not given the attention you deserve." We hear ya, Moose!

dog whining when he is not being paid attention to
Credit: Courtesy of moose_the_miniaussie / TikTok

The funniest part is Moose's mom filming the 10 seconds of uninterrupted whining, unable to keep a straight face. At the end of the footage, Moose notices his mom with the camera and quickly gives her a look of betrayal that reads, "Can you stop filming and pay attention to me?"

The viral video has recorded an impressive 8.7 million views since it was originally posted Oct. 28. Undoubtedly this scene hits home for many pet parents. No escaping those puppy dog eyes, am I right?

Several followers commented that their mini Aussies are just as dramatic. Which is no surprise based on their breed's temperament. If you are looking for a loyal companion who's happiest being by your side, the Australian shepherd is the right pup for you.

But just keep in mind, Aussies need an owner who can properly channel their energy through training and exercise. So if you have a dog like Moose, try to incorporate interactive dog toys into their routine, helping with boredom. If you work from home, we have a few ideas to help you keep your dog distracted while you're replenishing the Dog Toy Fund.

Even though he's not getting the attention he certainly deserves, Moose seems to be doing just fine judging by the well-documented number of belly rubs, toys, and loads of love. His parents just need to work less!