You might not love anything more than Farley the puppy loves door stoppers.

Unbridled joy is just about my favorite thing. I mean, if you're going to experience joy, who needs bridles? Nobody!

That's exactly how Farley, a 1-year-old miniature Australian shepherd from Canada, lives her life, and I'm here for it. Farley, as you can tell from her TikTok account, loves a lot of things: hiking, camping, and going for walks. But one thing she loves above most everything else is door stoppers. You know what I'm talking about: those little things on your baseboards that keep your doors from hitting the walls and go "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" when you flick them. Farley loves to smack them. Farley lives for the "brrrrrr" sound.

Aussie puppy playing with door stopper
Credit: Courtesy of justbeingfarley / TikTok

That's why, this Christmas, Farley's humans—Victoria and Todd—gave her the greatest Christmas present they possibly could: a mini wall full of door stoppers on the outside of her toy box. The finished product has 25 stoppers, each one ready and waiting to be flicked.

In the video, at first Farley seems not to know what to even do with that much stoppage in one place. She stares at the wall in utter amazement until a helpful hand gives the wall a quick flicking and those stoppers start to buzz. That's when Farley throws restraint to the wind and just goes to town on her new DIY dog toy. There's so much happiness here it's almost too much to handle. My own dog has shown zero interest in my own house's door stoppers, and I still want to make her one, just in case it sparks something in her. Clearly I'm not alone in my love of Farley's joy, as the video currently has 25.9 million views on TikTok. A second video showing the same footage without music has earned 8.3 million views. It's pretty clear we all love listening to  Farley's excited barks as she comes to grips with the fantastic fact that all of this is hers.

Honestly, all of Farley's videos are a delight, so keep those door stoppers coming. Farley is happiness in a fuzzy bag and we can't wait to see what this family thinks of next.