Milo loves monarch butterflies so much so that his humans adapted their garden to attract even more of the flying beauties!

Jen, a Los Angeles-based florist, found her canine companion in Milo, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever—known as a "toller" for short. She describes Milo as one of the smartest dogs she's ever met, noting that intelligence is common in this high energy breed.

Milo earned his title as the butterfly king in 2019, when thousands of painted lady butterflies were migrating through Los Angeles. Jen noticed how fascinated Milo was with the butterflies, as well as how gentle he was with them when they'd fly near him, even resting on his nose! As a florist, Jen has made some magical flower crowns for Milo, and you can see him enjoying having butterflies resting on his crown on his Instagram. Jen and her boyfriend even adapted their garden at home to help grow and attract even more flying friends for Milo!

When Milo isn't in the middle of his garden posing for photos, you can find him wrestling and playing at the beach with his best friend Bebe, a golden retriever who's often mistaken for his mother. And outside of that, Milo loves smelling flowers on his own and exploring with his butterfly friends! Flower fans and dog lovers alike can see Milo the toller on all his adorable floral adventures on his Instagram: @milo_the_toller.