From moving countries to walking the runway, Miffy has done more than many of us ever will.

Miffy the Bunny—known on social media as—is called a "fashion icon" by his fans. But to his owner, Sami Chen, he's much more than a cute pet. 

In 2016, Chen adopted the tiny fluffball when she lived in Taiwan. She says she decided to adopt Miffy because she was struggling through a tough time in her life.

"I was thinking of giving up my life," Chen tells Daily Paws. By adopting a pet, Chen says she knew she'd have someone to take care of and a reason to keep going.

From the moment Miffy was adopted, the two have been inseparable. Since 2016, Chen moved across the world from Taiwan to New York City, met her husband, got married, and had kids—all with Miffy by her side. 

"From the very, very worst situation to the very good situations, he is always with me," Chen tells Daily Paws.

Chen never intended Miffy to become an Instagram star. But when they started taking walks on the streets of New York City, strangers kept stopping the pair to ask if the cute bunny had an Instagram account. After being asked so many times, Chen finally created an account for Miffy. And to her surprise, Miffy became a viral star and now has over 108,000 Instagram followers and almost 550,000 TikTok followers!

While Miffy is well-known for his precious pictures online, his stardom doesn't stop at social media. The fashion icon has walked hopped in New York Fashion Week three times as the brand bunny of Chen's fashion line, HAPPYFISH. 

Chen loves to match outfits with Miffy, but it's not easy to find cute harnesses and pet clothes fit for a bunny. So, Chen used her experience as a women's fashion designer to start designing clothes specially made for Miffy. And while many pets don't love playing dress-up, Chen tells Daily Paws the sweet bunny loves the attention that his clothes bring—and even poses for the camera.

"I don't really consider him just a bunny because he has helped me so much," Chen says. "He is really important in my heart."