True friendship comes in all kinds of sizes.

Redd and Roger might share the same space, but these two adoptive "fur siblings" couldn't be more different. Yet in spite of their totally unique personalities (and sizes!), this dynamic duo still makes time to hang out and have a ton of fun together.

The unlikely pair both found their way into their forever home as foster pups in need of a second chance. Redd, a 60 pound pit bull and Shar-Pei mix, was welcomed into the family first. He needed some space as he settled into his new surroundings, but after a few weeks, he'd made friends with the other pets (including a cat, some chickens, and a pony). Since then, the gentle giant's favorite activity was taking frequent snoozes on the couch... that is, until Roger arrived. The family's newest addition, a spunky Chihuahua-pug mix who arrived last year, is decidedly not cut from the same cloth. Nope. Roger is "all party, all the time." Just watch—this little spitfire seems to be in a constant state of motion!

While the two may be polar opposites on the energy spectrum, they still delight in each others' company. Most of the time, Roger can be found close by Redd as he naps, chewing on his favorite toys or licking his pal. And sometimes, you can even find the laid-back Redd chasing Roger through the backyard!