The Maltesen poodle adapted to the role of older sibling like a natural.

Before Shannon and her husband had children, they had Noma—their adorable, sweet, and lively Maltese poodle. And when it came time to welcome a new baby into the family, Shannon wondered how Noma would adapt to the big life changes. 

When Shannon first became pregnant, Noma was immediately interested in her baby. Shannon says she was confident that Noma knew exactly what was going on. Noma would come up to Shannon's belly and snuggle as close to the baby as she could. And when their first son, Anders, came home, Noma snuggled right up to her new best friend.

Anders fell in love with Noma just as easily as his parents did, exclaiming that Noma was his "sister" anytime someone called her his "dog." And when a second baby came around, Noma snuggled in just as seamlessly with her new sister. When it comes to looking over her human siblings, Noma is there to watch over her humans with love and affection.