When dog mom Margaret Korka started her rescue pug's Instagram account, she knew she wanted to bring smiles to faces and remind followers that they can be whoever they want to be.

Meet Pickles, better known as "Miss Pickles the Drag Pug," is a fancy and fierce 8-year-old rescue pup who is quickly becoming the most famous queen in the canine world. From stripes to sequins, plaids to pearls—Pickles has wowed fans with her elaborate ensembles (and sweet pugs and kisses)! Posing in a wide range of outfits for different occasions, Pickles has attracted over 52 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

So who's the glam squad creating the picture-perfect looks behind the fashionable Miss Pickles? Her talented and creative dog mom, Margaret Korka. Four years ago, Korka began fostering Pickles from a pug rescue organization located in Toronto.

Coming out of the rescue world, Korka tells Daily Paws that runway life wasn't exactly on Pickle's radar. She was six years old and not in the best state—the foster came into her home overweight, experiencing breathing troubles, with arthritis, and showed signs of neglect. Korka describes her first few days with Miss Pickles as "a hot mess express!" 

But the patient pug snuggled her way into Korka's heart. After four months of working with Pickles to lose the extra ounces and get her to a healthy weight, Korka says her true personality started showing. Now, she can't envision life without her furry friend. A true "foster fail," Korka says Pickles is "the perfect addition to our family," with the funniest personality that makes you laugh. "We just needed that in our lives."

It's safe to say that the dazzling duo never imagined drag queen stardom in their first few days together. But as only a true star can do, Miss Pickles shines no matter where she struts her stuff. The "fabulous doggy drag queen," as Korka affectionately calls her, was born out of an appreciation for the LGBTQ+ community and the hit show RuPaul's Drag Race... Not to mention the pug's adorable affinity for wearing the most fashionable doggie clothing. 

Korka says her own Drag Race excitement and Pickles' ability to sashay the catwalk in doggie fashion ensembles made her transformation into pug drag queen a no-brainer. Now that Pickles fame is on the up-and-up, Korka says they've continued making costumes and scheduling photo shoots ever since.  

Like any true fan, Korka gives credit where credit is due—to the queen herself, the fabulous RuPaul. She credits the actor and performer for helping Miss Pickles become a social media sensation. The stylish pug replicated a costume worn by RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Since the debut of that wig-tastic look, the former shelter pup has skyrocketed to stardom on the red carpet and elsewhere. Miss Pickles appeared in a 2019 Super Bowl commercial, a music video for T-Pain, and attended DragCon NYC 2019. At DragCon, Korka says Pickles met all the queens—even the humans already knew of her star power. As RuPaul would say, "con-drag-ulations!" Pretty sure that Miss Pickles would be the longstanding winner of all the challenges. 

We're so happy that Pickles found her forever home with Korka! It seems that this duo really is better together. Korka says that Pickles "brings endless love to our lives," but something tells us the feeling is mutual. 🌈