Marty's Place gives abandoned dogs lifelong care and a place to call home when they need it most.

It's not just Baby Boomers who are searching for the perfect place to live out their Golden Years. Many of our four-legged-friends are looking for loving senior homes too—especially for mature pups coming from surrendered homes or shelters. The hard truth is that oftentimes senior dogs are overlooked at shelters and rescues for a variety of reasons, from health concerns to "new puppy fever," when they gravitate toward younger pups who are also available for adoption. But taking care of an aging pet is a privilege to many, especially since these salt-and-pepper snouts have so much love and companionship left to give.

woman petting senior dog
Credit: Halfpoint / Adobe Stock

Dog sanctuaries like Marty's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in New Jersey are incredibly important for older pups who find themselves without a place to call home. The special space is purely dedicated to enhancing the lives of senior dogs, including ones whose owners can no longer care for them as well as senior dogs who have health issues. They have room for up to 40 senior status dogs, which include canines over the age of 7.

Doreen Jakubcak, founder and CEO, told the news outlet Jersey Matters in an interview that the sanctuary is home to a variety of dogs who range in breed types, size, and seniority status.

She explains in the interview that the dogs come to Marty's Place for many reasons—including owners who may be transitioning to permanent nursing care and can't bring their pets with them. Other times the dogs are brought to them after their owners pass away, or if they fall on financial hard times and can no longer care for their animals. Surrendering a pet can be an incredibly tough decision, but Marty's Place helps shoulder some of the burden and gives grieving pet owners peace of mind that their fur babies have a forever home.

Marty's Place is very different from most shelters because it's built to resemble a real home. There are sofas and dog beds that are easily accessible for senior dogs, so they can quickly assimilate and transition into their new environment with as little stress as possible. Their "residents" even have individual rooms for mealtimes and sleeping, plus common areas to mingle with fellow residents during the day... just like retirement home for human seniors! And if they need to stretch their legs, Marty's Place has 25 acres of wooded walking trails for the dogs to sniff and explore. It sounds like the only thing Marty's Place is missing is Bingo in the parlor!

Marty's Place relies on donations to operate, and has a small but mighty staff that manages the facility alongside kind-hearted volunteers who help care for their furry and fluffy residents. It's one big labor of doggie love, but one that's clearly more than worth it for the sweet seniors who call it home, including those who spend their last days at the sanctuary.

We're so thankful for the safety and comfort that Marty's Place provides all its residents, whether for many years or even just final weeks. Here's to oodles of belly rubs and head pats for those older and wiser pups. They deserve every bit of love and more!