The "cone of shame" isn't so bad when you've got a cone buddy.
dog day wears dog cone to make his dog feel less lonely as he wears a cone too
Credit: Courtesy of good.boy.ollie / TikTok

No pet likes wearing the "cone of shame," but it's gotta be easier to handle when one of your humans puts one on, too. Right?

That's the case of Labrador retriever Ollie—who we love—after he recently exited surgery to remove a lump from his eyelid. In a March 22 TikTok video, we see him lying on the couch, his head surrounded by the Elizabethan collar. In an act of very funny solidarity, his human is also wearing a cone, sitting right there next to Ollie on the couch. 

According to Ollie's TikTok account, this father of the year—who allegedly didn't even want a dog!—opted for a cone to hopefully make Ollie feel less lonely. So nice!  

So far, the video has earned more than 3.5 million views. 

This isn't the only time Ollie and his owner's dad have spent some lovely quality time together. He recently took care of Ollie for a week, and that meant boys' trips, duck watching, and plenty of ice cream. Whatta couple of best buds. 

And if you need some cone basics for your pooch, here's the rundown if your vet recommends one.