Mason Glasco’s followers jumped significantly once people found delight in Cooter’s kitty chuckles!
ginger tabby cat closeup portrait looking left
Credit: Konstantin Aksenov / Getty

Oh sure, cat videos are always going viral, but when a man teaches his cat how to laugh, it practically breaks the interwebs! Cat dad and nurse Mason Glasco of St. Louis has a best pal in Cooter, a handsome 8-year-old orange cat who's his chatty companion!

The two made quite an impression recently with this post, enjoyed by more than 25 million people. Cooter has no problem mimicking Glasco's cheerful laughs with his own understated "ha ha ha"!

Now, cats have a strong independent streak, and we totally love them for it. Thus, they often do what they want, when they want. But believe it or not, that vid of kitty chuckles wasn't just a fluke! Cooter is actually quite talkative, and Glasco's account is filled with dozens of their fun conversations. Must be one of the reasons why he has more than 5 million followers! 

So check out this other video of Cooter responding to Glasco's humorous lead. It's easy to see how the cat loves bonding in this way (and you can see his adorable face in this one, too!).

The naturally curious nature of cats means they're quite eager to learn all sorts of new things. You can actually train them to do tricks, follow cues, fetch, and other behaviors we sometimes think only dogs can do. So appeal to your kitty's adventurous nature by training him to walk on a leash and harness. Even play with the concept of 'If I fits, I sits'! 

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