The maternal instinct transcends species, and this cat in Turkey proves it.

There are few things in the world more precious than the moment when you understand that you've earned an animal's trust. Doctors in Turkey experienced this moment recently in a profoundly rewarding way!

Medical workers at a hospital in the city of Izmir had been leaving bowls of food and water out for an orange tabby stray, but they were unaware that the cat had recently given birth to a litter of kittens.

Unaware, that is, until this week, when the new momma came jogging into the medical facility carrying one of the babies in her mouth, according to Gulf Today. Seemingly walking with a purpose, momma carried the kitten deep into the hospital, looking for someone to take a look at her baby. Once a nurse picked the kitten up, the kitten was found to have an eye infection and momma had brought her into the people who had left the food out to see if they could help.

Eventually the whole litter made its way into the hospital, where the cats were fed and kept warm while doctors consulted with a veterinarian on the best course of action. Eye drops were administered, and the hospital staff told local media that they were "thrilled" when the kitten opened their eyes a short time later. Eventually, momma and her babies were all transported to the town of Uzundere for continued treatment and monitoring.

orange tabby carrying kitten
Credit: Md Ridwan Hj Leiman / EyeEm / Getty

This isn't the first time we've talked about animals seeking out their own medical care. More amazingly, it's not even the first time that particular hospital in Turkey has had a momma cat come looking for help! A very similar circumstance occurred in the same emergency room almost a year ago to the day.

Building trust with stray animals can be a long, slow process. Food helps. But no matter how it's done, it can be an amazing experience to know that one of these animals came to you when it needed help or a warm, safe place to rest and be loved.