Every parent on Earth knows this feeling.
two black kittens curled up together
Credit: Suton Tipayakanon / EyeEm / Getty

I feel like this mama cat making the bed like a human is a video that anyone who has dealt with small children can feel in their bones.

The 14-second, sped-up video starts with something endlessly adorable: a kitten doing kitten things. In this case, some pretty serious wrestling with a bed sheet. It's not the kind of thing you tend to keep score on, but the sheet appears to be winning.

That is, until the four-second mark, when mama cat comes onto the scene and quickly puts a stop to all that nonsense. This long-suffering black cat performs a dance that parents of all species have done: enter a room and have a brief moment of "What in the ever-loving heck is going on here?" before transitioning seamlessly into, "No! Stop that! I just cleaned that room."

In the case of mama cat, the latter sentiment is expressed in a series of head bops until the kitten hilariously tumbles, head over little kitten keister, off the bed. And in the final five seconds of the video, mama cat sets the room right, pulling the covers back over on the bed and making the sheets as flat as she can without the benefit of opposable thumbs.

The video was posted on YouTube and Reddit on Tuesday. On the MadeMeSmile subreddit, the video has been the subreddit's sixth most upvoted post this week, picking up over 138,000 points and 970 comments.