Talk about man’s best friend. This dog was not about to desert her owner in their time of need.
dog waiting for owner
Credit: Jose Angel Astor Rocha / Getty

A man named Cemal Senturk was transported to the hospital last week in Trabzon, Turkey, with more than one shadow. Who was running behind the ambulance, you ask? It was none other than Senturk's dog, Boncuk.

Not only did Boncuk follow her owner to the hospital on Jan. 14, but she returned to the hospital by herself every single day, trotting the route in the morning and staying outside until nightfall, even when Senturk's daughter would repeatedly bring Boncuk home.

"When the door opens, she pokes her head inside," a hospital security guard said, according to The Guardian. Talk about a loyal pup.

And the cuteness doesn't stop there. Boncuk and Senturk reunited when Senturk was discharged from the hospital, and the emotions were real.

"She's very used to me. And I miss her too, constantly," Senturk said to DHA, a private news agency.

Need to see this sweet reunion. in action? We've got a video. Grab the tissues and enjoy. What a happy ending!